The Dangerous Bandido Gang

The Bandidos Biker Gang also known as Bandido Nation was first formed in Texas. It is known to be an organized crime syndicate and has a worldwide membership with 210 chapters located in 16 countries. An obese machete and pistol wielding Mexican Bandido is the logo adopted by this gang. The scarlet and gold colors of the United State Marine Corps were also adopted. They are known to be the world's second largest biker gang and have evolved as an international force to be reckoned with.

 Drugs, violence, weird looking men in tattoos and frizzy hair, sex and bar room brawls are characteristic of this gang. Though their main rivalry is with the Hell's Angels they have been known to have inter-gang rivalry as well for e.g. the fights between the Australian Bandidos and the US Bandidos.

The Bandidos also have a lot of support and puppet clubs which are used as proxy for their legal as well as illegal activities. Most of the members are wanted for extortion, murder, money laundering and trafficking in stolen property.

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