List of Biker Gangs

Biker gangs maybe of two types namely the ordinary law abiding groups of biker  whose only interest is in projecting a typical leather clad, tattoo covered and grizzly haired ‘biker' image and the other being the outlaw gangs or the 1%'-ers who not only carry the image but also engage in unlawful activities.

The first category has groups like the Harley Group, the BMW group etc. The other category includes gangs like The Hells Angels is one of the most well known clubs in the world. They are distinguished by their ‘Death's head logo'. There are quite notorious and have a long standing code of secrecy.

The Pagans are another gang confined to the eastern coast of the US. Murder, Arson and smuggling are their major forte.

The Warlocks consisting of only white men are found in the US, Germany and England. They are a sot of racist group sporting white supremacy insignia as well.

The Highway men, first started in the US has now expanded to Norway and England and are known for cocaine trafficking, mortgage frauds and murder for hire.


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