Groovy And Wild Biker Parties

Biker parties are essentially meant to bring people sharing a similar passion in one place. These parties can range from well arranged decent events filled with fun and games to wild and bizarre ones with all sorts of sleazy activities.

 A lot of booze flows freely  and most of the party goers get very high on the drinks and get into loud and raunchy activities with the women around. This is a place where people let their hair down and generally misbehave purposely to have fun. Some of the featured events include Wet T shirt contests and topless chicks among other wild stuff.

There are bound to be motorcycle rallies associated with these parties and of course bike shows and exhibitions are usually part of it.

There are decent shows put up by Big names in the Bike industry like BMW and Harley Davidson annually which are classy events and open to invitees only.

The party usually lasts for more than a day and the partiers sometimes camp out on the party site. There's bound to be a live band performing.


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