The Notorious Mongol Gang

One of the most notorious biker gangs in the world today is The Mongol Motorcycle Club or the Mongol Nation as they are popularly known. The club has its headquarters in California and was first formed by Hispanic war veterans. It was launched in the ‘70's and the name is adopted from the enormous Mongol Empire of Genghis Khan. They are around 70 chapters found in various parts of the Unites States but there is a record of at least 500 members within California itself. Their logo is that of a Mongol Warrior wearing sunglasses which has actually been prohibited by the court.

Money laundering, drug rackets, murder and assault are only some of the issues for which law enforcement agencies seek them out.   Being known as an organized crime syndicate they have also been accused with domestic terrorism and are a menace to the society. For years these agencies have tried to shut down their activities but to no avail. Members of the gang swear on die hard loyalty. They work in close connection with similar biker gangs.

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